• Portix

    Portix is very portable and compact magnifier designed to go anywhere. It is well suited for reading, writing, and distance viewing. The Portix features a high resolution 10.4' LCD screen and is about the size of a laptop.
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  • Deuce

    At home, at school, or at work, the Deuce is easy to use. It's unique rotational camera is ideal for reading, writing, and distance viewing. Use it in the classroom to study and view the board or presentation. Use it at home to work on hobbies and crafts, paperwork, personal grooming, or reading.
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  • MagWin

    MagWin USB is truly portable and will install on any Windows compatible computer with no software installation required! Have you ever wanted to check your email or surf the web on the go? You can use the MagWin at a hotel, public library, school, even a friends or family members computer.
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  • Free Apps

    These Free Apps have been created with the Low Vision person in mind. Featuring easy to use interfaces and large type, these apps will make your phone easier to use.
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"It has always been clear."

Live independently.  Vision loss is challenging.  With the proper technology; however, you can regain your visual independence.  Reading your mail, writing checks, reading textbooks, going to school/work or even enjoying hobbies are just some of the things our products can help you accomplish again.  We provide the products that help your independence.  Take a look and see what Clarix can do for you!

Clarix is leading the way by designing state of the art assistive technology devices for helping individuals maintain their independent lifestyles.  Whether you are a student, business executive or retiree, there is a Clarix device to help.